Mattresses for hotels

Hotel mattress. Hotel rooms set up furniture. Hotel mattresses. Collection was created to offer not only excellent comfort and a good night's sleep for your guests, but also durability and easy maintenance thanks to specially reinforced products. The varied portfolio, divided into different categories, fulfills the needs of different hotel accommodations and offers everything that is needed for the overall furnishing of the bedroom.

You can get conventional innerspring mattresses with innerspring and thick foam coating through to premium innerspring mattresses with innerspring and various natural layers for excellent comfort and climatic conditions. Thanks to a specially developed hotel collection, the company has set up some world-famous chains. Our wide range offers mattresses from all classes from premium to medium and budget.

Prices from the manufacturer.

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Hotel mattress. MATTRESS-VIP

Hotel mattress "Mattress VIP"

Price from 92.00 €

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Mattress Awa"

Price from 64,00 €.

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Mattress Executive"

Price from 76.00 

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Solo Multi-Anatomic"

Price from 79 €

Hotel mattress. Project Holiday

Hotelmatratzen "Project Holiday"

Preis ab 99,00 €

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Project Marriott"

Price from 109.00 €

mattresses for hotels Deluxe-Mattress

Hotel mattress "Hotel Deluxe 1000"

Price from 99.00 €

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Matterra"

Price from € 99.00

Hotel mattress

Hotel mattress "Terra Memory"

Price from 109.00 €

Hotel mattress. Terra Springs

Hotel mattress "Terra Springs"

Price from € 89.00


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